Elesgo Laminate Flooring

Elesgo Supergloss Stone

Stone effect laminate floors with a supergloss finish.

Elesgo Supergloss Wood

Wood effect supergloss laminate flooring

Elesgo Supergloss Plank

Supergloss floors in a plank format with a bevelled edge on all four sides.

All Elesgo Laminate Flooring

View all of our Elesgo laminate flooring and filter by decor, finish etc.

Elesgo Maxi V5

Double gloss laminate floors in a slab format.
  Beauty, Durability & Low Maintenance – Qualities you can live with for a lifetime!

When considering decorating your home to suit your taste and lifestyle, careful consideration should be given to your choice of floor coverings.

By re-creating the character of natural materials, Elesgo floors bring atmosphere and warmth to the home, with a choice of colours and finishes that lets you explore your individuality.

Choosing an Elesgo floor will ensure you have a beautiful floor that will last you a lifetime and requires only a minimum of maintenance to keep it looking its best.

Available in a wide range of natural wood or stone look finishes. The patented Elesgo laminate flooring surface is antistatic, wear and scratch resistant with a core of fine structured wood fibre board (HDF). In addition, Elesgofloors are easy to lay and with the high quality Unilin licensed click system, may be re-used

Elesgo laminate flooring is produced by HDM - a German company who produce a variety of home interior products including Solid wood flooring, furniture, wall panelling, and ceiling panelling.

Elesgo floors are available in a number of different styles, however we have chosen to stock the supergloss range as they offer such a distinctive appearance. Supergloss floors are not only the glossiest laminate floors on the market, but they also carry the traditional benefits of quality laminate flooring. The surface is anti-static, easy care, UV light resistant, stain resistant and environmentally sound. Elesgo laminate flooring uses the uniclic joint system - the original click system and still considered to be the best by many.

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