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Pergo Domestic Extra

A Collection of 2-Strip, 3-Strip plank and 2v floors (a v-groove on the length of the plank), suitable for normal wear in domestic environments.

Pergo Living Expression

Pergo Living Expression is suitable for normal wear in public areas, and high wear in domestic environments.

Pergo Original Excellence

2-strip, 3-strip and plank laminate floors which are able to withstand high wear in public areas and very high wear in domestic environments.

Pergo Public Extreme

A selection of plank floors with the highest wear rating available to a laminate floor. Recommended for the most demanding of environments.

Pergo, a leading manufacturer of laminate floor, has the widest range of designs available. Pergo, a Swedish based company, invented this extremely durable flooring material over 30 years ago and has continued to add innovative designs and technologies ever since.

The first environmentally certified laminate flooring; within the Pergo range you can find floors with anti-static properties, SoftTech™ technology, hygienic qualities,  SoundBloc™ control and scratch resistant durability in the form of Pergo’s Titanx Surface™.

Why Buy Pergo Laminate Flooring

Pergo no1 guarantee

Pergo guarantee all their floors and on selected ranges Pergo offer a 50 year triple guarantee against normal wear, fading from sunlight and stains. All Pergo guarantees in residential applications are for the full value of the product, which means that if your Pergo Laminate Flooring is damaged during the guarantee period you will receive a replacement floor at the same value as your original floor.

Pergo became the first flooring company to receive the ISO 14001 certificate, which recognises its excellent environmental management systems. The company was also the first laminate flooring company to be awarded the official Nordic Ecolabel, the Swan, which examines the impact on the environment from raw material to waste.

Pergo also holds a PEFC certification which signifies that all their floors and accessories are produced from raw materials from renewable forests.

Recycling is a key part of Pergo’s environmental policy with 80 per cent of products’ content consisting of wood surplus from suppliers in the wood industry. By only using renewable wood products such as pine and spruce, and never exotic woods from rainforests, Pergo is not adding to the threat of extinction that some less common woods face.

Pergo Impact resistance logo

Impact Resistance

Pergo floors incorporate a multi-layer TitanX advanced surface and use an extremely dense core material. This combination means that Pergo laminates offer superior impact resistance to alternative floors.

Pergo water resistance logo

Water Resistance

Pergo laminate flooring uses both a moisture-resistant core and a strong, tight click system. Pergo offer some of the most water-resistant floors on the market.

Pergo sound reduction logo

Sound Reduction

Selected Pergo floors use a Soundbloc backing which increases soundproofing. Certain floors also include Pergo SoftTech which is a layer of sound-blocking material under the surface of the laminate.

Pergo maintenance logo


One of the main benefits of Pergo flooring is it's resistance to dirt. Pergo is easy to clean and the design of the click joints helps prevent dirt marking the edges of the plank.

Pergo installation logo

Easy Installation

Pergo's PerfectFold installation system with a built in sound reducing underlay allows for quick and easy installation.

Pergo fire resistance logo

Fire Resistance

Pergo laminate flooringis naturally resistant to fire. Certain Pergo floors are designed to meet European safety standards for installation in escape routes and assembly areas.

Pergo anti-static logo

Anti-static qualities

Many Pergo floors have been designed to reduce electrostatic charges and meet antistatic classification (EN14041).

Pergo anti-microbial logo


Some Pergo floors include an anti-microbial surface without the need for chemicals. By adding silver to the flooring surface, bacteria and viruses are eradicated naturally.

Pergo wear resistance logo

Wear Protection

The TitanX surface is the best protective finish currently available. It is mad up of several layers which provide wear resistance well beyond the usual standards for heavy commercial use. Pergo floors are the most durable available, which is why they can offer the best guarantee on the market.

Pergo scratch resistance logo

Scratch Resistance

TThe TitanX surface includes an extra layer for scratch resistance. This feature helps to protect the floor from scratches and maintain the surface finish.

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