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BerryAlloc Laminate Flooring

A wide selection of quality laminate floors from BerryAlloc.


Choose from a huge collection of Quickstep laminate floors. There is a floor to suit any decor in the Quick-Step range.


A large selection of laminate floors in a variety of decors and styles from the inventors of laminate flooring.


A selection of Supergloss high gloss Elesgo laminate flooring. Glossy laminate floors which stand out from the crowd.


Parador floors vary from tradtional designs to distinctive futuristic decors.

Vitafloor Stone Collection

Stone effect laminate floors which are suitable for installation in bathrooms.
Laminate Flooring Roomset

Laminate flooring was invented in the mid 70’s. Since then, there have been many advances which have made it one of the most popular DIY-friendly floor coverings.

One of the main advantages of laminate floors is the variety of decors and surface finishes available. With hundreds of designs and finishes available there is a floor to suit everyone's taste.

This type of flooring is particularly durable, with most laminate floors having guarantees against wear stain and fade meaning your floor will look great for years to come.

Another benefit of these floors is the ease of maintenance. Laminate floors are easy to clean and do not require ongoing maintenance.

With the invention of glue-less click joining systems, laminate flooring has become the favourite option for many DIY enthusiasts. The ability to install a floor without glue makes it a much easier, quicker and cleaner task.

We have a wide selection of laminate floors from Quickstep, Elesgo, Parador, Pergo and more. With such a variety of choice, we have a laminate floor to suit any room in the home. Balterio laminate flooring is a collection of 7,8 and 9mm thick laminate floors which are suitable for almost any evironment. Elesgo laminate floors are known for the supergloss finish which other laminate floors can't match. Parador laminate flooring from Germany cover all budgets without comprimising quality. Our selection of Pergo laminate floors include the highest wear rating of any laminate floors worldwide. The Quick-Step laminate flooring range offers a tremendous amount of choice and even includes a range designed to be installed in bathrooms.

Laminate flooring construction

There are two different methods of manufacturing laminate floors:

Direct-pressure (D.P.L.): The layers which make up the floor are bonded together under pressure at very high temperatures.  This is currently the more popular type of construction.

High Pressure(H.P.L): Manufactured in a similar way to D.P.L., except the top and bottom layers are treated seperately.  They are then bonded directly to the core board providing a stronger floor which can deal with very heavy traffic.  Due to the extra manufacturing costs, high pressure laminates are usually more expensive.

Laminate Flooring Construction

Laminate is typically made of several layers which are bonded together:

  1. Protective wear layer(s) for a hard wearing surface.
  2. A photographic layer which gives the floor its appearance.
  3. The core is usually made of High Density Fibreboard (HDF) which provides a solid base.
  4. The bottom layer impedes dampness and helps with the stability of the plank.

Laminate Flooring Wear Ratings

A number of tests are applied by an independent organisation to judge a laminate’s wear qualities.   A floor’s AC rating (Abrasion Class) gives a good indication of its durability:

  • AC1 - Suited to lower traffic areas e.g. Bedrooms.
  • AC2 - For general use e.g. Lounge, dining room.
  • AC3 - Strong enough for use throughout the home e,g, hallways.
  • AC4 - Can be installed in medium traffic commercial venues e.g. Restaurants.
  • AC5 - Heavy commercial. Can withstand large amounts of traffic e.g. Shopping centre.
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