Naturally Oak Delamere Vintage

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Naturally Oak Delamere Vintage Roomset

Naturally Delamere Vintage

The Naturally Oak finishing Workshops nurture an artisanal approach to floor finishing in its craftsmen, creating a range of stunning engineered wood floors from our stock ranges of unfinished material.

Unfinished planks are filled and then sanded. The face of each plank is then brushed to remove the softer summer growth and enhance the structure of the oak grain.

The mature worn look is achieved by using ageing agents which work on the naturally occurring tannins within the wood to give each floor a subtle gentle effect, normally achieved only through years of exposure to the environment.

Water based dyes are then applied to each floor, adding depth of colour without disguising or overwhelming the natural grain structure. Finally each plank is coated with our high performance oil, one of the world most durable flooring surface treatments. This not only protects the floor but helps retain its character and natural beauty.

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