Naturally Oak Montfort

Naturally Oak Montfort Pure Oak

£39.95 per m²

Naturally Oak Montfort Noir Oak

£39.95 per m²

Naturally Oak Montfort Mocha

£39.95 per m²

Naturally Oak Montfort Manor Oak

£39.95 per m²

Naturally Oak Montfort Havana

£39.95 per m²

Naturally Oak Montfort Cumulus

£39.95 per m²

Naturally Oak Montfort Cotton White

£39.95 per m²

Naturally Oak Montfort Charcoal

£39.95 per m²

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Naturally Oak Montfort Engineered Wood Flooring

Nature's Finest Icon

Nature’s finest

Montfort floors are created with timber from the Troncais forest: a region known for producing oak for casks and barrels for wine and cognac producers around the world. The forest produces an unusually fine textured, unblemished oak which is perfect for wood flooring.

FSC Icon

The responsible choice

The wood selected for Montfort floors is from controlled sources managed in accordance with PEFC and FSC certification. Montfort floors are the environmentally responsible choice.

Strength Icon

Not just a pretty surface

Our floors are engineered to ensure that they stay looking beautiful for years thanks to a high density fibreboard core. The core offers improved stability, extra impact resistance and joint strength when compared to traditional solid and engineered wood floors.

Made in Europe Icon

Made in France, finished in Britain

Montfort is an entirely European product. The flooring is manufactured in France with the benefit of hundreds of years of forestry and manufacturing experience. It is then hand-finished in Britain with special oils to enhance and protect the surface.

Hand Finished Bespoke Icon

Hand finished bespoke floors.

Each floor is hand-finished to ensure a consistent, durable finish. Maintenance is easy with our Naturally Oak wood soap and scratch repair is as simple as sanding the immediate area and applying a little touch-up oil.

Click Joint Icon

Easy installation - No mess, no fuss

By employing a glueless click joint, installation times can be reduced by up to 30%. The ease of a click installation means Montfort is a DIY-friendly option for your flooring.

50 year warranty Icon

A warranty you can depend on

Our floors carry a warranty of up to 50 years (normal domestic use - conditions apply). The warranty is complimented with a lifetime guarantee for the click joint system.

50 year warranty Icon

Perfect for underfloor heating

A strong core and quality finish mean that Montfort is a great choice of floor to use with underfloor heating.

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